Classic Roles are the roles that appear on the Quick Game mode. These roles change weekly on Wednesday.[1]

For example; the classic roles of the week that this page was created were Aura Seer, Medium, Jailer, Werewolf, Doctor, Alpha Werewolf, Seer, Bodyguard, Gunner, Wolf Shaman, Serial Killer, Priest, Wolf Seer, Cursed, Fool/Headhunter.

There are also other roles in the cycle, including but not limited to: Junior Werewolf, Detective, Avenger, Beast Hunter, Bomber, Mayor, Witch and Arsonist. These get introduced into quick play every cycle, replacing certain roles.

Cycle Rotation

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Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4
1 Village Aura Seer Cursed Aura Seer Aura Seer
2 Village Medium Medium Medium Medium
3 Village Jailer Jailer Jailer Witch
4 Werewolves Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf
5 Village Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor
6 Werewolves Alpha Werewolf Alpha Werewolf Alpha Werewolf Alpha Werewolf
7 Village Seer Seer Seer Seer
8 Solo Fool/Headhunter Fool/Headhunter Fool/Headhunter Fool/Headhunter
9 Village Bodyguard Bodyguard Bodyguard Beast Hunter
10 Village Gunner Gunner Gunner Gunner
11 Werewolves Wolf Shaman Junior Werewolf Wolf Shaman Wolf Shaman
12 Village Aura Seer Detective Cursed Aura Seer
13 Solo Serial Killer Arsonist Serial Killer Bomber
14 Village Cursed Priest Mayor Priest
15 Werewolves Wolf Seer Wolf Seer Wolf Seer Wolf Seer
16 Village Priest Aura Seer Avenger Mayor


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