Clans are a feature of Werewolf Online that involve players earning experience points for a group of players. These experience points go towards Clan Quests, which give players new and special outfits.[1]


Players can join or create a clan. Creating a clan costs 500 gold. Clans have 3 types: "invite only", "anyone can join" or "closed". Any player can join "anyone can join" types of clans, but you must receive an invitation from the clan leader to join the "invite only" clans. With that type, you can also send a request to join the clan. No one can join closed clans. The clan leader can also set a minimum level required to join. Once in a clan, any experience points a player earns will also be given to the clan.

Parts of a clan

On the player's clan page there are several tabs which can be accessed to find out more about the clan. Displayed on this page are the clan's name, symbol, description, gold, country and experience. Below are some of the tabs on this page. The members of the clan are also displayed here, and leaders/co-Leaders can kick people from the clan.


Main page: Clan quest

The clan leader and co-leaders can buy quests, which players put experience points towards after playing games. Once a certain amount of experience points is earned, all participating members will receive a reward.


Players can donate gold to their clan so that the clan leader or co-leaders can purchase a clan quests. A player can donate a minimum of 10 gold and a maximum of however much gold they have. Gold can also be used to skip the waiting time during quests and to shuffle quests.


The clan ledger is a history of clan activity. It records when the clan was created, when players donated and when a quest was bought or cancelled, also other quest related actions like shuffleing and skipping the wait time.


Clan members can talk with each other in the clan chat.


The member details tab displays members' usernames, quest qualification, level and when they were last online. There is a filter button to filter clan quests, experience earned, gold donated, level, last online and date of joining the clan.


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