Bomber's explosion

The Bomber is an unknown killing role. It appears in Sandbox Mode with 25% chance to be appeared alternatively with the Corruptor, Sect Leader and Zombie. It also appear in Quick Game role list rotations.[1]

Role description

At night, the Bomber can place a bomb which will kill a maximum of 3 players. This bomb can be rotated to kill different players (horizontally, vertically and diagonally). The following night, the bomb explodes, killing the selected players. The night after that, the bomber can place a new bomb. This process of placing a bomb every two nights continues until the bomber dies. The Bomber cannot be killed by the Werewolves. Even if it looks like the bomb is placed on yourself you won't die. The bomb does not explode if the Bomber is killed during the daytime, but it will if they are killed during the nighttime.

Win conditions

The Bomber wins if they are the last player alive. Achieving this is known to be difficult to do if survivors are not arranged in rows of three.


  • The bomber can be converted into a zombie.
  • If the bomber dies during the night of explosion, the bomb will still explode.


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