• Good Aura
  • Evil Aura
  • Unknown Aura
The Aura Seer is on the village team. It can appears twice or once in classic mode and once (excluding Random Regular Villager) in sandbox and Ranked Modes.[1]

Role description

Each night the Aura Seer can select one player. They can see whether this player is good, evil or unknown. If the player is good, they are on the village and if they are evil they are on the Werewolves. The Wolf Shaman's enchantment can make an Aura Seer see a player as evil, regardless of their actual aura.

Win conditions

The Aura Seer wins with the village.


  • The Aura Seer was one of the first roles to be introduced.
  • The Aura Seer also appears in Werewolf Offline.[2]


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