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The Arsonist is an unknown killing role, attempting to kill everyone else. It has a 50% chance of appearing in ranked. The Arsonist also appears in Quick Game role rotations with roles such as Bomber and Serial Killer.[1]

Role description

The Arsonist can choose from two actions to perform each night. They can either douse 2 players in gasoline, or light all ignited players, killing them. The Arsonist cannot be killed by the Werewolves.

In-game description

Every night you can either select two players to douse with gasoline, or ignite all doused players which kills them. You cannot be killed by werewolves.

Win conditions

The Arsonist wins if they are the last player alive.


  • The Arsonist also appears in Werewolf Offline.[2]
  • If a target is killed by dousing, and they are revived, the player will no longer be doused.


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