The Alpha Werewolf is a role in the Werewolf team. It is present in all current game modes.[1] It's aura is 'Unknown'.

Role description

The Alpha Werewolf has the same abilities as a regular Werewolf and can vote on one player to kill each night. However, when the Alpha Werewolf votes on a player to kill during the night, his vote counts twice.

Win conditions

The Alpha Werewolf wins with the Werewolves.


  • Have a role in mind to claim. A werewolf with an evil aura will be likely to claim someone like a Doctor, Tough guy or a Bodyguard. Meanwhile, you are Unknown and you can also claim Medium, Jailer, Witch, Beast Hunter etc. Claiming Beast Hunter and Witch is kinda transparent sometimes, but people will probably think that you're a random killer or something like that but you actually can claim this in case there's no seer for whatever reason. You don't have to claim on the first day but it's important to keep an eye on the players and their roles so that you can claim a role in time that might get you a lot further in case you really need to do that. As I just mentioned, you can claim Unknown roles.
  • On day one, you can claim Medium and hope that the real one exposes themselves. I would watch out with most of the roles since it's really easy for the Medium, Jailer and Gunner to prove that they are real, but in case you get interrogated and checked by an Aura Seer. For an example, in the first day, you can play Medium if the actual Medium didn't play yet. In Ranked Mode, this one works so often because the Jailer or the Medium will just tell the number to someone and then they can prove themselves, but in Sandbox Mode and definetly in Quick Game it's worth a try as you can win important information if the real one claims after you. What's even more interesting thing about this, is that you can ask the Gunner to shoot the actual Medium or Jailer in case they haven't proven yet and if they claim. If possible, call them out for being a Serial Killer, a Bomber, or an Arsonist, since the Gunner will be even more likely to shoot that person since they want to get rid of the Solo Killers as soon as possible, so they might shoot and then they shoot the Jailer or Medium and then you have actually done a really good job as Alpha Werewolf.


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