Accomplice's knife

The Accomplice is an Unknown Solo Killer role in Werewolf Online. They help the Bandit and win with the Bandits team.[1]

Role description

At night, the Bandit can convert another player to be their Accomplice. Then each night, the Bandit and the Accomplice can select a player to kill.

If they vote different players, then the deciding vote will be the Accomplice's vote.

The Accomplice can be killed by werewolves.

Only villagers and random voting roles can be converted to Accomplice. Trying to convert a werewolf will result in the Bandit killing that werewolf. Headhunter's target cannot be converted while the Headhunter is alive. Players who are being protected by a Protector role cannot be converted as long as they're being protected.

If the Accomplice dies, the Bandit can select a new Accomplice next night. In this case, if the Bandits win, the first Accomplice will win with them regardless of dying.

Only the first Accomplice can kill without Bandit. Later Accomplices cannot kill if Bandit is dead. For example, if the first Accomplice dies and Bandit makes a new Accomplice, then Bandit dies, the new Accomplice will not be able to kill anyone at night.

Win Conditions

The Accomplice wins if all alive players belong to Bandits team.


  • The Bandit can see their Accomplice's old role.
  • At night, the Bandit's vote appears as a pointing hand and the Accomplice's vote appears as a knife.
  • In the rare case that the only two players remaining are Accomplice and a werewolf and they kill each other at night, the game will end in a tie.
  • This role was introduced in the 0.44.1 update.


  • Pretend to be the role you were before being converted to Accomplice. In some cases, it might be difficult if you had a role that can confirm itself, but you can try faking information. Try to damage the village and werewolves with your actions so that the Bandit is closer to victory. If you are a rolling tailor, then it's better to pretend to be another role unless you already confirmed yourself.
  • If the Bandit is likely to be checked soon, try to grab the attention. It's always better for Accomplice to die than for Bandit to die, since Bandit can make a new Accomplice and you'll still win if they win. However, don't do this if the Bandit is already confirmed bad. Keep in mind that you can be killed by the werewolves, which might mean that you don't want to be too obvious either. In the end, it takes some time to get a new Accomplice, so preferably try to survive a bit longer or the kill rates might be really low.


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