This article or section involves information that players add to the game. While it is not official canon, it can aid users in finding more information about WWO.
Below is a list of abbreviations that players use in Werewolf Online:



Solo Killers

Voting Roles

Converting Roles

Other Abbreviations

  • RRV or RV: Random Regular Villager
  • RSV: Random Strong Villager
  • Ig: In-game
  • Gd: Good
  • Unk: Unknown
  • Afk: Away from Keyboard
  • Off: Offline
  • Inv: invite game
  • Sus: Suspect
  • Rev: Revive
  • Water: Priest's Holy Water
  • Shoot: Asking any Village Killer to kill
  • A#B: # indicates different teams (Detective)
  • A=B: = indicates the same team (Detective)
  • Tag: Asking an Avenger or Junior WW to set ability
  • R4R: Rose for Rose
  • Gg: Good Game
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